Select curve points addon
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Recently I discovered a nice addon for Blender to fill a mesh with a squiggly curve (see thread on blenderartists). The created curve(s) has lots of points and if you want to select certain points it's almost impossible. If you have a hierarchy of objects or joints, you can 'walk through' them with [ and ]. It seemed to me it would be really nice if you could also 'walk through' the points on a curve the same way (like you can do in Maya).
I saw there were already some operators that provided functionality that looked like what I wanted, but they seemed to work a little bit differently. So I scripted my own addon that does exactly what I would like. You can use [ and ] to 'walk through' the points on a curve, it even supports multiple splines on a curve. If you use shift + [ and shift + ] you add the previous or next point to the selection (I just added keyboard shortcuts to the existing operators) and with ctrl + shift + [ and ctrl + shift + ] you select the first or last point of the curve.
If you have some points selected it will respect the selection. It will select the next point after the selection or the previous point before the selection. Going to the first or last point will select the first or last point of the selected spline(s).
You can download the addon from github. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

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