A new start

A big welcome to the (probably very few) people who will read this. Starting today I will start a blog on my website as well. When I was thinking about my website and what I'm doing, I realized that quite some time is spent with experimenting. Trying stuff out and learning new things. As most of the times this doesn't result in a finished product I never show it to the world. And personally I think that's a shame.
So from now on I will document my experiments and endeavors. And if nobody sees it, at least I have a nice overview for myself. :)

2 comments on “A new start

    • Jorge Flores —

    Hi, My name is George I am from Mexico. I have seen all your videos, they are nice, quite impressive. I wonder if they were done only with BLENDER or you are using additional software.

    Best Regards

    • jasperge —

    Hi George, most of the work is done with a mix of Maya, Blender, Photoshop and After Effects. Also, as you can see in the credits, they were collaborations with other people. If you would like to know more, please e-mail me.